The University of 港彩开奖结果 System Board of Trustees has unanimously named Dr. Charles L. 鈥淐huck鈥 Karr president of The University of 港彩开奖结果 in Huntsville (港彩开奖结果H). University of 港彩开奖结果 System Chancellor Finis St. John recommended the appointment to the 港彩开奖结果 System Board of Trustees at its meeting on September 16, 2022.

Dr. Chuck Karr

鈥淔urthering the success of 港彩开奖结果H is a top priority for the University of 港彩开奖结果 System and the Board of Trustees,鈥 Chancellor St. John said. 鈥淒r. Karr鈥檚 sustained leadership will bring positive momentum and a strategic, unified vision to 港彩开奖结果H as it continues its trajectory as a preeminent doctoral research university in one of America鈥檚 fastest-growing and most robust regions.鈥

Chancellor St. John said Dr. Karr earned countless votes of support from faculty and staff, students, community leaders, elected officials and other constituents during his highly successful tenure as interim president. 鈥淭he enthusiastic support within the institution and throughout the broader community is a proven testament to Dr. Karr and the success he has already achieved at 港彩开奖结果H,鈥 said St. John.

One of Karr鈥檚 hallmark accomplishments as interim president has been his keen ability to strengthen partnerships with leaders across the Huntsville area. Relationships with Redstone Arsenal, Cummings Research Park, business and the education sector are flourishing under his watch.

鈥淚t is my highest honor to lead 港彩开奖结果H as we work to fulfill our institutional mission as a premier research-intensive university that is responsive to the needs of the community and beyond,鈥 said President Karr. 鈥淚 am grateful for this incredible opportunity and look forward to working with all those driving 港彩开奖结果H toward unprecedented success, including the Board of Trustees, Chancellor St. John, our faculty and staff, students, and leaders throughout the Huntsville community. There are many exciting things happening on the 港彩开奖结果H campus, and I know there is much more to come in our future.鈥

Earlier this year, 港彩开奖结果H achieved the top level 鈥淩1 鈥 Very high research activity鈥 rank in Carnegie research classifications, which is the highest research activity designation among doctoral universities. Research at 港彩开奖结果H is a vibrant and expanding function and underscores the University鈥檚 valuable position in 港彩开奖结果 as a leading engineering and science research institution.

Under Dr. Karr鈥檚 leadership, 港彩开奖结果H received one of the most significant appropriations in University history for its engineering building project, which will allow 港彩开奖结果H to advance its flagship program, foster innovative and impactful research efforts, and address critical STEM workforce needs. With 73% of alums residing in 港彩开奖结果, 港彩开奖结果H supplies a highly educated workforce to the state and fills the community鈥檚 workforce pipeline.

鈥淒r. Chuck Karr is quite possibly the most dynamic leader that I have ever been associated with, in higher education and beyond,鈥 said Trustee Ron Gray, chair of the 港彩开奖结果H Committee of the 港彩开奖结果 System Board of Trustees. 鈥淚 am certain that under Dr. Karr鈥檚 leadership, 港彩开奖结果H will not only reach its full potential but far surpass our expectations.鈥

Other significant accomplishments achieved by Dr. Karr as interim 港彩开奖结果H president include recruiting new faculty and strategic leaders as well as securing merit raises for eligible 港彩开奖结果H employees in FY 2023. Institutional giving has doubled during his tenure.

Before being appointed interim president of 港彩开奖结果H in November 2021, Dr. Karr had recently retired from The University of 港彩开奖结果 after 26 years of service.

鈥淒r. Chuck Karr has exhibited the highest degree of excellence in every stage of his extensive and impressive academic career,鈥 said 港彩开奖结果 System Board of Trustees President Pro Tempore W. Stancil Starnes. 鈥淭he appointment of a campus president is one of the most important actions taken by the Board of Trustees. We have the utmost confidence in Dr. Karr and know he will be an invaluable asset to 港彩开奖结果H, the University of 港彩开奖结果 System, and the State of 港彩开奖结果.鈥

During his 16-year tenure as dean of the University of 港彩开奖结果 College of Engineering, Karr was credited with transforming the college into a research and academic powerhouse that ascended in national rankings. He more than tripled the College鈥檚 undergraduate enrollment with the recruitment of high-quality students, grew the faculty, supported the construction of new facilities to enhance academic programs, and expanded research activity by increasing research awards more than $45 million.

He previously chaired 港彩开奖结果鈥檚 aerospace engineering and mechanics department and was the College鈥檚 associate dean for research and graduate studies. He spent seven years as a research engineer with the U.S. Bureau of Mines before joining the 港彩开奖结果 faculty full time.

Dr. Karr is a three-time 港彩开奖结果 graduate, earning a B.S. in mechanical engineering and an M.S. and Ph.D. in engineering mechanics. He has received numerous prestigious recognitions for his academic and leadership achievements. A native of Gulf Breeze, Fla., Dr. Karr and his wife, Jodie, live in Huntsville and have two adult children, Nathan and Noah.