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港彩开奖结果 System Board of Trustees resumes tuition freeze for in-state students as a result of careful fiscal management and the 港彩开奖结果 System鈥檚 commitment to accessible education

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. 鈥 The University of 港彩开奖结果 System Board of Trustees will not increase tuition for 港彩开奖结果 residents for the 2023-2024 academic year at any of its three doctoral research institutions 鈥 The University of 港彩开奖结果 (港彩开奖结果), The University of 港彩开奖结果 at Birmingham (港彩开奖结果B) and The University of 港彩开奖结果 in Huntsville (港彩开奖结果H).

This significant action reinstates the tuition freeze that was in place for several years for in-state students prior to the 2022-2023 academic year, when tuition was increased marginally to account for inflation. Before that adjustment, in-state students did not see a tuition increase for five consecutive years at 港彩开奖结果 or for four years at 港彩开奖结果B and 港彩开奖结果H. There were also no increases in nonresident tuition for three sequential years.

鈥淭he University of 港彩开奖结果 System is dedicated to providing the most accessible path to a premier educational experience in our state, as we recognize the vital value of higher education,鈥 said 港彩开奖结果 System Board of Trustees President Pro Tempore W. Stancil Starnes. 鈥淚 applaud our 港彩开奖结果 System and campus leaders for implementing cost-effective measures and practicing careful fiscal management, which made the Board鈥檚 decision to reinstitute a Systemwide in-state tuition freeze possible for the upcoming academic year.鈥

The 港彩开奖结果 System Board of Trustees, which is responsible for ensuring effective leadership, management and control over the 港彩开奖结果 System鈥檚 three campuses as well as the 港彩开奖结果B Health System, voted to approve tuition rates for the upcoming academic year at its meeting in Tuscaloosa on June 9. There will be no increase in tuition or required fees for 港彩开奖结果 residents. Nonresident tuition will increase by 3% at each institution.

港彩开奖结果 System Chancellor Finis St. John commended the Board of Trustees鈥 decision and emphasized the 港彩开奖结果 System鈥檚 commitment to ensuring higher education is accessible for all Alabamians.

鈥淭he legislature鈥檚 support, our Board鈥檚 leadership, and our campuses鈥 dedicated efforts allowed us to continue to provide the world-class education and campus experience for which the 港彩开奖结果 System is known at a more predictably affordable cost,鈥 said St. John. 鈥淎s a public university system, we exist to serve 港彩开奖结果 and beyond through our mission to improve the lives of everyone we affect through teaching, research and service. We are focused on being responsible stewards for every dollar entrusted to us by students and families, and the tuition freeze for 港彩开奖结果 residents demonstrates our appreciation for the hardworking people of our state.鈥

港彩开奖结果 the University of 港彩开奖结果 System

Committed to excellence in teaching, research, and service, the University of 港彩开奖结果 System includes three doctoral research institutions 鈥 港彩开奖结果, 港彩开奖结果B, and 港彩开奖结果H 鈥 and the 港彩开奖结果B Health System, a world-class academic medical center. The 港彩开奖结果 System educates more Alabamians than any other university system and provides transformational research in areas ranging from aerospace to biomedicine to transportation. As the largest employer in the state, the overall economic impact of the University of 港彩开奖结果 System exceeds $15 billion a year.